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Outlaw’s Legacy update

This week has been an exciting one. I’ve finished the first edit of Earl of Huntingdon, the third book in the Outlaw’s Legacy series. There’s still a lot of fine tuning and polishing left to do, but at least the story is straight. This has been the hardest book to write so far, but also the most fun in some respects, as this time, I haven’t drawn on the legend of Robin Hood to help me.

I will be posting updates on Knight of Sherwood, including preorder links and a special sneak preview, so watch my news and facebook pages.

Knight of Sherwood

The release date of Knight of Sherwood is almost here. By the time of release, it will have been nine months since Heir of Locksley came out. It’s hard to believe. The time’s just flown.

Every book an author writes is an individual experience. For me, Knight of Sherwood was perhaps the hardest book I’ve ever written. It was rewritten from scratch at least three times. I had believed it would be the easiest book in the series, as it deals with the period of Robin Hood’s life that most people are familiar with, but that in fact presented the hardest challenge. How to find the balance between staying true to the legend and not simply retelling the story that anyone who knew anything about Robin Hood would be familiar with. I’ve been overwhelmed by some of the reviews I’ve had of Heir of Locksley, and I only hope Knight of Sherwood will live up to everyone’s expectations.

So, what can readers expect from this, the second book in the outlaw’s legacy series?

Firstly of course, Robin is older. Knight of Sherwood takes place four years after the conclusion of Air of Locksley. Robin has been at war in the holy land, and naturally his experiences have changed him. He’s in a dark place, literally as well as metaphorically. I have had some criticisms from readers who felt that the LGBT themes in Heir of Locksley were not very strong. It seems people who were embarking on the novel expecting an epic, steamy romance were disappointed. I would point out that this is a series, and for everything to happen in the first book would mean there would be no point in writing the others. Without wanting to give anything away, I can say that for those readers who are interested in the LGBT aspect of the series, it is addressed more strongly in this book. Robin is struggling to come to terms with both his past and his feelings. With this series, I wanted to tell the Robin Hood story, but also to address the modern issues that people face when it comes to their sexuality.

There will of course be plenty of adventure and swashbuckling fight scenes for those of you who love a good historical yarn. Those of you who are familiar with the Robin Hood legend, I hope you will enjoy what I’ve done with the story. Anyone who is a first-timer, I hope you, too, will enjoy it.

Knight of Sherwood is now available to preorder direct from the publisher. You can find the links on the outlaw’s legacy page of the website. As soon as it becomes available from other retailers, the links will be added.

I’m currently at work on the third book of the series, Earl of Huntingdon. The draft of the novel has been completed, and I’m now in the editing phase. I look forward to sharing this series with all of you, and I would like to thank my readers for the positive comments I’ve had over this past year. It’s always nice to hear from you, so if you enjoy my work, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page on the website, or through social media (again, see the welcome page on the website).

Award winning audio adventure

In June 2016, the 80s TV series, Robin of Sherwood, made its audio debut. As a Robin Hood enthusiast and lover of the series, it was my privilige to attend the London Premier and witness the transformation from TV to audio. Given that I am blind, the event was especially momentus, as it meant I could now enjoy the series on an equal footing with other fans. Rather than simply reproducing the series, fans were treated to a brand new adventure based on a hidden script that never saw the TV screens. The up and coming radio drama company, Spiteful Puppet, undertook production, and the majority of the original cast lent their voices to the project. Knights of the Apocalypse was a resounding success, and this year, both cast and crew were honoured by receiving a radio award. Later this summer, four more episodes will be added to the Robin of Sherwood audio adventures. Here’s hoping there will be many more awards to come. Never was a prize more well-deserved.

Robin Hood, fact or fiction

It seems only fitting that I end my current tour with this post at Howling for Books It’s been an amazing tour and I want to take this moment to thank all the blogs who took part, as well as the guys at Love Bound Promotions for organising everything with such efficiency. If you entered the giveaway, then good luck. Three lucky winners will be receiving ebook copies of Heir of Locksley shortly. Make sure you all stick around for the first tour for Knight of Sherwood. With the release only months away, I’ll be doing a lot of advance promotion, so watch this space.