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Knight of Sherwood blog tour: day one.

I’m thrilled to be once more doing a blog tour with the guys from LoveBound Promotions. On day one, you can read about my weird phobia, my opinion on reviewers and the reason this series ended up as LGBT fiction. I was delighted to give an interview to Boys on the Brink You can also read an exclusive excerpt of Knight of Sherwood at outrageous heroes of romance Don’t forget to enter your name in the tour giveaway for a chance to win a free copy. The giveaway will run for the duration of the tour, and every day you will have a new chance to win.

It’s Finally here

So it’s finally here. Nine months since the release of Heir of Locksley, and its sequel, Knight of Sherwood, is finally available. In these past months, I’ve had some truly amazing feedback from reviewers. I’ve been compared to such illustrious authors as Philippa Gregory and had my work described as a monument to independent literature.

On the downside, I’ve been forced to develop a thick skin. I’ve been accused of being misogynistic, which was very hurtful at the time. However, the positive reviews have far outweighed the negative. I can only hope Knight of Sherwood will meet with such good reception. The problem with having a series that his well received to begin with is that you are under pressure to keep up the good standard.

Knight of Sherwood is possibly the most challenging book I have ever written, as well as being the longest. It was rewritten at least three times. However, I am really happy with the final result, and I believe readers will be also.

Knight of Sherwood release

With forty-eight hours to go until release day, I’m busy making last minute preparations. On the day itself, there will be a release blitz, hosted by the fantastic people at LoveBound Promotions. Several blogs will do a spotlight on Knight of Sherwood, including an excerpt, and more importantly, a book giveaway. Be sure to check your facebook and twitter feeds regularly. I’ll be posting links to each blog, and you’ll be able to click on them to enter the giveaway. Good luck! Also until September 21st, both Knight of Sherwood and Heir of Locksley will be available in the kindle store at the special discount price of 99 P in the UK and 99C in the US. Visit the Outlaw’s Legacy page and follow the links to purchase your copy.

Outlaw’s Legacy update

This week has been an exciting one. I’ve finished the first edit of Earl of Huntingdon, the third book in the Outlaw’s Legacy series. There’s still a lot of fine tuning and polishing left to do, but at least the story is straight. This has been the hardest book to write so far, but also the most fun in some respects, as this time, I haven’t drawn on the legend of Robin Hood to help me.

I will be posting updates on Knight of Sherwood, including preorder links and a special sneak preview, so watch my news and facebook pages.